Dog Enrichment Toy

$25.99 $51.99


What can consume your pet's energy?

What can stop your pets from destroying your sofa?

A tumbler robot enrichment toy may make attract pet's all attention.

Robot tumbler design

Self-weight balance, no electricity required.

You may put pet food or treats into the body of the robot after opening the transparent lid.

The toy will move forward and backward by pets fiddling or pushing as tumbler.


The pet dry food or treats will fall out from the food leaking holes.


When the toy swings back and forth, it can still move without external force,

which bring more fun to your pets.

Eco-friendly Material


ABS+PC material, durable and wear-resistant.

Suitable for small and medium dogs and cats of all sizes.

Improve IQ 


By moving the slider with the nose or paw, increase its IQ and let the dog enjoy the feeding. Can improve their foraging coordination.

Slow feeding


Dogs always eat too fast which would cause indigestion.


Fill dog's favorite treats in the body to slow down the dog while play with the toy.

Perfect Pet Playmate


Contrast with the boring dog rubber toys and chew sticks.

Your dog will be more active and have fun and get rid of disruptive behavior.