Halloween Costume Pet Bat Wing Pet Cosplay




1.Material: This product is made of black felt cloth, which is light and soft, and the cat has no sense of restraint.
2.Mystery: The whole product is black with smooth lines. It can give your pet the mysterious and cool feeling of bats.
3.Adjustable design: The neck and chest fixing straps are all designed with Velcro. The size adjustment is very convenient and easy to wear.
4.Firmness: The fixing belt of the chest part adopts a reinforced design, which is durable and has a long service life. It is difficult for dogs to take it off by themselves.
5.Attractive appearance: Bat wings are very suitable for decorating your cats, allowing them to attract more attention at Halloween parties and increase the festive atmosphere.

Material: felt cloth
Product Category: Transformation
Applicable gender: general
Size:as shown

Package Content :
1x wing