The Only Pet Brush

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This brush is the brand new way to detangle your pet's coat without scratching or pain! The brush removes up to 95% of your pets' dead hair and detangles them in just 3 minutes! Get rid of tangles, knots, and shedding in the gentlest way!

The Only Pet Brush you need! It's a Pet Comb & Lint Remover that makes your pets look forward to getting groomed every time! Seriously, you asked why?

Here's Why:


Remove Tangles Without Injuring Your Pet: The bristles have a special conical shape that allows them to reach deep under the coat and effectively groom the undercoat without causing your pet any harm. The brush from Petgravity gently removes loose hair while removing tangles, knots, dander, and ground-in dirt.


The Ideal Brush: Its sleek form and high-quality silicone material massage your pet as you brush them, promoting blood flow and softening and shining their fur. Pet hair may be removed off couches, seats, and short-haired carpets using the rear comb teeth, making your home healthier and more comfortable for both you and your pets.

Simple to Clean: After you've finished brushing your pet, all of the hair simply falls off the brush with one tug. Unlike other brushes, you can even give it a thorough rinsing with water to eliminate all the hair once you've finished brushing your cat. After that, it will prepare for use the following time. You may use this product time and time again because it is sturdy and long-lasting.


The Multifunction 3 in 1 Brush: The silicone can be wrapped around pet-specific wipes (as shown in the picture), which can remove the dirt and dust from the pet's hair while combing the hair and dispel the dread of bathing in your shy pets. NOTE: If you require wet wipes, you will need to buy them separately since they are not included in the product package.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - Our brush is carefully made with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle so you may use it for extended grooming sessions without worrying about hand or wrist strain! We promise you and your pet's complete satisfaction with all of our items!


Guide To Purchase:


Note: Wet wipes are not delivered along The Only Pet Brush, as we are following safe delivery instructions. It works perfectly fine with any brand's wet wipes from your nearest store!